Web Content Filtering Solutions

Advanced Protection from Digital Risks

Secure everything from basic browsing to cyber insurance with web content filtering solutions from Data Tech Café.

Impose Reasonable Restrictions on Content Consumption

As our tolerance of screen time continues to grow, the potential for Internet browsers to be exposed to disturbing content or malicious software increases alongside it. That’s why parents, schools and businesses count on web content monitoring (WCM) to gain visibility into what users are doing online in real-time. While monitoring is critical to managing digital risk and assessing employee conduct, WCM is only one piece of the puzzle. Without deliberate web content filtering solutions and cyber insurance in place, people can view offensive or explicit material during the workday, waste time on social media and even open up the door for costly cyberattacks.


Upgraded Firewall

Expert Instruction

Device and Account Management

Policies and Procedures

Web Content Filtering Solutions from DTC Provide:

Increased Productivity

By restricting access to social media and other sites that distract employees from work, you can subtly prevent downtime and misbehavior.

Improved Cybersecurity

With stronger firewalls, cyberinsurance and web content filtering solutions, your business will limit its exposure to threats and attacks.

Elevated Professionalism

Our web content filtering solutions prevent users from viewing or downloading inappropriate content so they can stay focused on their work.

Device Protection

Add another layer of protection for company devices and get alerts when users attempt to access inappropriate or prohibited content during the workday.

Stay professional and reputable with web content filtering solutions.

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