VoIP Phone System

Unified, Feature-Rich Communications

Transform your operations with a smart, integrated voice, video and text VoIP phone system from Data Tech Café.

It’s Time to Rethink What Your Phone System Can Do

Your legacy phone system has served its purpose – but VoIP changes the game in your business communications. With Data Tech Café’s enterprise-class VoIP phone system, you experience reliable voice, video conferencing and instant messaging with a variety of advanced features available at your fingertips.


Crystal-Clear Video Calling

Video Conferencing

Instant Messaging

Skype for Business Integration

Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System

Custom Setup and Installation

End-User Training

Call Recording

Call Transfers

Call Forwarding

VoIP Phone System Services from DTC Provide:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Few things are more frustrating to a customer than repeating the same information each time they get transferred. VoIP enables you to record calls and pass along data easily.

Reduced Cost

Buying, maintaining and upgrading phones and their related hardware is costly and time-consuming. VoIP eliminates hardware costs by reducing your equipment needs.

Ease of Scalability

Expanding your legacy phone system means installing new lines and purchasing new equipment. Our VoIP phone system makes scaling as easy as adding or removing users.

Anytime, Anywhere Productivity

Unshackle yourself from your desk. VoIP phone systems allow you to forward calls to your mobile device or join conference calls from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Revolutionize how, when and where you get business done.

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